Our process varies a bit for each project, but the following is typical:
Interior or Exterior – First we review the project with the field supervisor and foreman to cover the project and scope of work.
Interior or Exterior – The office sends a letter to the owners introducing Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings and giving them a general idea of what they can expect, our anticipated schedules and dates, notices that they will receive and asking them to contact our office with any questions or concerns both prior to the project starting and as it progresses.
Interior or Exterior – We hand out notices to each individual residence, usually taping them to the garage doorframe or entry doorframe. Notices are given in advance of each process and instructions are given to the owner, such as, please close your windows while we are pressure washing.
Exterior – We begin by pressure washing the buildings.
Exterior – Once the buildings are dry, depending upon the size of the project, the washing crew continues cleaning while the preparation begins on the cleaned buildings.
Exterior – We start scraping, spot priming, caulking and filling. During this time, our painters are surveying the surfaces and report any wood rot they may encounter.
Exterior – We will then do any sanding, scraping, and patching that is included as part of the accepted scope of work.
If problems are discovered that have not been addressed in the scope of work, this will be brought to the management company’s attention for direction on how to proceed; if minor it is typical that a change order would be provided, and the extra work performed as may be agreed.
Exterior – Next comes the protection and covering of all items not to be painted.
Exterior – Spraying and back rolling begins.
Exterior – Painting of the detailed surfaces, such as window trim and door trim and any other siding that was missed or intentionally skipped during spraying, follows.
Interior or Exterior – After the residents have selected a few date options, a schedule is created for the painting of doors. As the time approaches, notices are posted as a reminder and the door painting proceeds. This is the most sensitive portion of the project and the hardest to schedule…we do our best to accommodate individual needs and circumstances while still maintaining a schedule.
Interior or Exterior – As completion approaches, an inspection is scheduled with the owners’ representative. This can be someone from the management company, a board members or committee of members or a hired professional.
Interior or Exterior – From the inspection, a punch list of items, which may require corrections or remedial work, will be produced.
Interior or Exterior – Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings will review the punch list and schedule and complete the work as needed.
Interior or Exterior – final inspection should occur to ensure the punch list work has been properly completed.
End of project!