Yes, the exceptional high quality of our results.
Many, if not most, companies that paint large HOA-type projects employ a process where various workers stick with doing only one process. The workers follow behind one another to be as efficient as possible. One person may pressure wash day after day, followed by another who may scrape and sand, then by another who may mask, then another who sprays, and so on, through completion.
In the course of a year Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings’ painters, however, rotate in and out of a variety of projects, from large HOA exterior projects, where prices are very competitive and productivity is key to success, to large multi-million-dollar custom home projects, where attention to quality is the cornerstone to success. We feel that this experience benefits our clients with both types of projects. When we are doing high-end work, it helps because our painters know how to be efficient and productive. When they move over to work on HOA projects, they bring an attention to detail that our competition typically does not have. Our painters will speak up if they see a potential problem, rather than just paint over it.