Every job has a foreman who is the point of contact on the job for your company. Additionally, Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings has a Field Superintendent who is directly in charge of all foremen. The Field Superintendent is involved in setting up the job and will stop by on a regular basis to make sure that the project is running properly and on schedule. If there are any problems, The Field Superintendent will become involved in the project hands-on, until the project is on course again and running smoothly.
Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings employs an experienced painter as a driver/delivery person to keep foremen and other painters on the job and out of the paint store. This painter also helps in the set-up and removal of Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings equipment and materials.
Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings has an office manager and part-time office assistant to make sure your calls are answered and paperwork flows smoothly.