Meet Dan Ross and His Team of Master Painters

Dan Ross believes that an exceptional team, exceptional materials and exceptional execution are critical to an outstanding result. He invites you to get to know more about him and his team of master painters through these videos.

Dan Ross – Owner of Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings

“The better the paint looks, the better we look.”Dan Ross

Born in Atlanta, Ga., Dan grew up in San Diego and considers himself a California “native” in all but birth. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he majored in Chinese History.
A painter since 1972, Dan’s true love is spending time with family and friends. His interests include travel, cooking, sports (football, rugby, basketball, volleyball), sunny days at the beach, reading, movies and vegetable gardening.
Dan believes that exceptional materials and exceptional execution are critical to an outstanding result. His portfolio and customer testimonials show that he does an outstanding job for every single Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings client.
“The type of materials you use makes a big difference. Quality products flow better and lay smoother. They are easier to apply, cover better (which saves in labor costs) and they clean up better. Colors are more stable and resist fading. The end product will look good longer.”
Dan personally stands behind all job estimates and would enjoy discussing your next project with you. Please contact him at [email protected].

Chris Brown – Project Supervisor

“Your Integrity is what defines your business.”Chris Brown

As “second in command” of Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings, Chris Brown brings an artist’s eye to every project. This should be no surprise because of Chris’ major in Fine Art at Central Missouri State University near Warrensburg, MO.
Born in a small town outside of Kansas City, MO, Chris moved to the Bay area in 1998. He has been a professional painter for more than 40 years.
Chris defines an outstanding paint job as being comprised of excellent paint products that afford clients a long-lasting, sophisticated look. Chris routinely recommends “top shelf” products for many reasons, all of which add up to quality.
“The difference in the bid price between medium or low priced products and high priced “top shelf” products is minimal as a percentage of the entire project,” Chris explained recently. “Labor costs in painting are approximately 85% of the job, so the materials become less of a cost issue. Typically we recommend and prefer to use higher quality products.”
Chris demands flawless execution “because it’s important to my clients.”
“There is a satisfaction and pride that you get as a craftsman from producing a paint job that is nearly flawless (nothing is truly flawless) and knowing that not many people can produce this level of quality painting.”
When not supervising projects for Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings, Chris trains in mixed martial arts, exercises, reads American history, enjoys “traveling, family and friends, raising my children, remodeling my home and architecture (new and old).”
Chris supervises every project. For questions on how Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings’ process creates seamless and on-time execution, please email him at [email protected].
Please contact us for a free consultation (415) 455-0766 or a project estimate.

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