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Concrete Coatings

 Why Work with Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings?

Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings is the only contractor installing durable Penntek Industrial Coatings in Marin and Sonoma Counties. 

Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings has provided exceptional painting services throughout Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties and San Francisco since 1986. We are committed to every customer’s satisfaction, and we are proud to have earned our community’s trust. 

We install only durable Penntek Industrial Coatings on our customers’ residential and commercial concrete floors because we believe their polyurea coatings are far superior to other products. And, we are the only concrete coating contractor able to install Penntek Industrial Coatings in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Our coatings come with a 15-year residential and 5-year commercial/industrial warranty.

Here’s why we install only Penntek Industrial Coatings

Penntek polyurea coatings are 4 times stronger than regular epoxy coatings, so they last longer and retain their beautiful look. They are UV resistant, non-permeable, which means they clean up easily, antimicrobial and antibacterial. They also expand and contract with the concrete over time, preventing peeling, chipping and flaking. You can walk on Penntek concrete coatings within 6-8 hours and drive on them within 24 hours. 

We believe they are the perfect coating for garages, basements, patios, driveways, commercial kitchens, kennels, warehouses, and more. When desired, we can create a cove-base, which means the gap between floors and walls will be filled and coated for a seamless transition. This is something that health departments appreciate.

4x stronger than epoxy

We use polyurea throughout our whole floor-coating system to make your floor look great and last! Polyureas have extreme flexibility, elongation, dense cross-linking, and mar resistance. Polyureas can take a tremendous amount of abuse because they are malleable and can take the physical impacts and disperse them, much like the rubber on a car tire. 

Our coatings will not crack or peel

Polyureas are 98% more flexible than typical Epoxy/Hybrid floor coatings. Polyureas expand and contract with the concrete, leaving the surface strong and intact.

Resists salt, oil, gasoline, UV rays

Polyureas are more chemically resistant to a much wider range of chemicals than epoxy surfaces. This is due to their densely cross-linked chemistry. From salt, oil, gas, and grease, to acids, skydrol, hydroxides, polyureas will stand the test of time. Polyureas are also 100% UV stable.

Installed in one day

Polyureas have 2X the adhesion over typical epoxy/hybrid floor coatings and are commonly associated with quick-curing spray-on liners in pickup trucks. They are made from the same materials, only reformulated for concrete. The polyurea begins curing in 1 hour, and is fully cured after 24 hrs. This gives the product time to penetrate into the concrete deeply and bond molecularly with the concrete.

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