Marin County Chip Systems

With light surface texturing and charmingly flecked color, chip system floors from Ross Concrete Coating are the ideal choice in both form and function. Depending on the color and chip blend you choose, our Marin County Chip Systems can range from understated practicality to star-of-the-show elegance.

And we’ll be there, step by step, to create the perfect concrete coating for you!

Whether you’re dealing with cracked, worn out, or extensively damaged concrete floors, our Penntek-trained experts can provide a quick but long-lasting solution. Many of our chip systems can be completely installed and walk-on ready in as little as 24 hours.

Durable, Multi-Layered Garage Floor Coating System

A family-owned business since 1987, Ross Concrete Coating is proud to be an active part of the communities in which we work. We value our relationship with our clients—both residential and commercial—and we’ve selected top-quality polyurea and epoxy garage floor coating systems that live up to our high standards.

With our chip system floors, you’ll never have to settle.

Engineered and manufactured by Penntek based on years of real-world research and development, our chip systems exceed the industry standard for concrete floor coatings. These unique floors are:

  • Stylish: From chestnut to slate stone, we’ve got more than a dozen beautiful blends of colors, shapes, and sizes of chips. We can even create a custom color blend just for you!
  • Slip Resistant: The built-in texturing of chip flooring imparts added foot grip for a touch of slip resistance.
  • Durable: With three separate layers, our chip floors are built to withstand wear and tear. They have proven resistance to abrasions, impacts, and even UV damage.
  • Protected: You’ll get lasting peace of mind from Penntek’s 15-year warranties as well as our many industry certifications: BBB Accreditation, EPA Lead-Safe Certification, and licensing from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).
  • Versatile: Our chip floors work equally well in a wide variety of applications, from a garage floor coating system for your home to solutions for industrial warehousing.

Discover the Affordable and Lasting Difference of Marin County Chip Systems

Don’t settle for concrete flooring that’s barely better than your current design. With Ross Concrete Coating, you can get reliable strength and style for a similarly affordable price.

Find out more about our many customized concrete floor coatings by calling us today. For a free consultation and quote, send in our online form now!

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Chip Colors

Other color options may be available, can be discussed during your free on-site consultation.

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Slate Stone


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Field Stone

Quartz Layer Colors

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