Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings’ painters are true craftspeople who take pride in their work.

Many painters can paint cabinets, but not every painter can do a masterful job. Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings’ painters are true craftspeople who take great pride in their work, and it shows. Depending on the owner’s desires Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings can deliver spectacular results with either a brushed or sprayed finish. Spraying provides a smooth flawless appearance, while the brush is more traditional.

Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings can expertly refinish the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. We have more than 30 years of experience working with homeowners throughout the North Bay Area. We have painted and refinished cabinets in executive homes, stately Victorians ranch-style homes, apartments and condos.

We do our refinishing work with great care

Before we begin, we install floor protection, remove, label and store your cabinet hardware and mask off adjoining surfaces that are not to be painted. Then, we close off our work area with plastic. Our goal is to completely isolate the area to protect your home from dust, paint and fumes.

We sand your cabinet surfaces, fill any holes, re-sand, caulk and sand again. Once the cabinet surfaces are absolutely smooth, we can prime and paint, which may require multiple coats. Hardware is then reinstalled, after the new paint finish has fully cured. When your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are properly prepared and painted by Ross Painting & Concrete Coatings, the finish will be durable, washable and long lasting.

The result:
Absolutely Beautiful

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